About us


Biortiz is the brand of ecologically produced pomegranates, marketed and distributed by the Ortiz family from their own farms.

Located in the province of Almería, next to the Sierra Nevada National Park, some 850 metres above sea level, our pomegranates are cultivated in ideal climatic and geographic conditions. It is the unique terroir of our particular part of Andalusia that bestows such quality and flavour on our fruit.


Biortiz is not however just a brand, it represents the enormous efforts taken to bring to market a product that has been cultivated in an ecologically sound and balanced way.

All our woks is carried out with the deepest respect for the environment, we are proud of our policy of zero CO2 emissions achieved through our solar installations. Our production is totally sustainable and dependent only upon the Andalusian sunshine.


Our product

Currently our production is focused upon ecological pomegranates of the “Kingdom” variety. This semi-acidic variety is remarkable for its size (between 500g and 600g) and the fantastic colour of its skin (dark red to garnet) with arils of deep red.

Biortiz is commited to delivering the best quality for its customers through a direct deal with our clientele that allows us to ensure the maximum freshness of our pomegranates. By minimizing the time between harvest and delivery of our fruit we increase freshness and reduce costs.

Biortiz pomegranates are grown using traditional methods respecting our long heritage in cultivation. Our belief in the Biortiz legacy translates into consistent, quality, organic farming. We are passionate about our produce and ensuring that it reaches those who appreciate healthy living and eating.

Our fruits, which have been developed through ecological procedures, from pollination, which is done by bees from our own hives, until the harvest of the fruit, which is done manually.

Our fruits are entirely free fron all types of pesticide and undergo annual rigorous testing to achieve certified compliance with the regulations on organic production.



The Barrancas farm.

04510, Abla, Almería, Spain .

Mail: info@biortiz.es

Tlf. 34 669 321 946

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